Frequently Asked Questions

Love Bottles are American made reusable glass water bottles with beautiful designs meant to spread love and encourage healthy living.
We each take 40-60 sips of water a day. Love Bottle makes each of these sips an opportunity to reconnect with what really matters to you. Inspirational designs, donations to charities that need help, and dedication to healthy living make Love Bottle more than just a bottle.
Water just tastes best out of glass! Try a taste test at home and compare the taste and feel of a glass Love Bottle against the taste and feel of plastic, steel, or aluminum. Another benefit of glass is that it does not contain harmful chemicals. Some plastic water bottles leach harmful chemicals into your water and into the environment. Also, water looks beautiful in glass bottles. When the light catches the water in the bottle just so... you feel like you are really drinking something special.
Love Bottles are meant to be hand washed. Your glass bottle can be put in the dishwasher, but the lid should be removed before doing so. If you would like a thorough cleaning, we have some bottle brushes available for purchase here.
Love Bottles are sold in many different stores across the USA. Find your closest retail location here
To become a retailer, we will need you to fill out our Wholesale Application by clicking here. We will also need a copy of your resellers certificate.
Yes, we have some great options available right now. We had a great new canvas carrier designed specially for our US made bottles! Order your carrier today here.
Love Bottles are made from 100% non-toxic materials. They are made from recycled glass, ceramic stoneware, stainless steel wire, and food grade silicone. Enjoy your Love Bottle free of worry.