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Wave Goodbye to First Round Love Bottles

A fond farewell to a friend

Author: love bottle admin/Thursday, September 3, 2015/Categories: Uncategorized

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Over the years, we have had the chance to see our first round Love Bottles make a huge impact in the lives of our community. People have written in to tell us how these bottles have brightened there day, improved their health, and above all else changed their relationship with water. While we are very excited about our new USA Made Love Bottles, we have a heavy heart as we wave goodbye to our first round Love Bottles.

 At the beginning of October, we are going to start shipping out our USA Made Love Bottles. This means we have to make some more room. That's where the good news begins. We're doing one of our biggest sales we've ever done on the remaining first round Love Bottles.  All Love Bottles are $5 off on our website. That's not all. We have some bottles with minor imperfections. While they aren't perfect, they still work great and look great. If you would like to order a bottle with a slight imperfection, please let us know. Each flawed Love Bottle will sell for $5 plus shipping. We would be happy to help 

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