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Birth of USA Love Bottles!

Birth of USA Love Bottles!

Author: love bottle admin/Thursday, July 2, 2015/Categories: Uncategorized

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Happy almost 4th of July!! We have so much to be excited about here at Love Bottle and we wanted to share our progress with you!!

Just a couple of weeks ago we went to Brockport, PA to watch our bottles being made at the Owens-Illinois Crenshaw Plant. We got to see little glowing molten pieces of glass turn into our beautiful glass bottles. It is hard to describe watching something you have dreamed about for so long actually happening in front of your eyes. It is a little surreal, a little magical, and incredibly amazing. I am so grateful to the wonderful crew of O-I Plant 19 for all of their hard work and care in making our bottles.

That was just the start of our trip. We also drove to the beautiful and quaint town of Waterford, PA where our ceramic mold maker, Robert Petro, has his studio. As we toured his place, his wife was glazing pieces, and his daughter and staff were helping out. He has been doing his craft for over 35 years and his passion and expertise stand out.

Then we were off to Chicago to meet the rest of our lid team. Our ceramic lid makers, R&L ceramics, are located outside of Chicago. Each one of our lids is hand poured, sanded and glazed with love. Linda, the owner, took her love of ceramics and turned it into a business to help her family during hard financial times. She has grown her business over the years and supported her family with it. Her son works with her and will help to execute and manage our project. 

Our wire form team, Perfection Stamp and Spring, are also located in Chicago. They are in charge of coordinating and engineering our lid. PSS will be the part of the team that manufactures and forms our wire pieces to create the swing top mechanism that you know and love. They are another family business where the grandfather started with a single machine in a garage and now they employ over 100 employees. Our project manager, Rachel, is the founder’s granddaughter.

Last, but not least we met our silicone manufacturers, Elk Grove, to see where all of our new silicone washers will be made. Two sisters and two friends worked together. They always said that they should start their own company, and they started Elk Grove. Each of our manufacturing partners is living proof of the American Dream, and that if you want to live your passion and dream, you can make it come true. It fills my heart to have moved all of our manufacturing to the USA, and to know that we are supporting livable wages across the USA.

We are fine tuning our lids to make sure they create a wonderful user experience, and full production will begin as soon as that phase finalizes (very soon!). Our first truckload of bottles have arrived at our printers and will be printed in July and we expect the lids to be completed in August. We apologize as this will push out our ship date a few weeks. We are doing our best to keep everything on track, but definitely want to give our lid teams the time they need to perfect things. We will keep you updated as things progress!


At the Glass Plant, as I was watching the stream of bottles join up to get packaged, the hearts on the chest of the bottles caught my eye and made me catch my breath. I got a little teary as I realized that these little bottles have big hearts and big missions to spread LOVE! Each bottle is destined for its own adventure and journey with its new owner and I hope you love the bottle that is coming to you!

With lots of love,


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