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What’s New Love Bottle?

What’s New Love Bottle?

Author: love bottle admin/Wednesday, May 27, 2015/Categories: Uncategorized

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Since 2008, Love Bottle has been bringing water and love together to bring you the best drinking experience that you've ever had. While we have a special place in our heart for our old bottles, we always knew we could do better. That's why we are taking the love to a whole new level! This Summer, you will be able to order a Love Bottle that's entirely made in the USA.

On April 2nd, the journey really began. American Made Love Bottles went on Kickstarter to try and raise funds for our move to domestic manufacturing. Here are the results!

With the funds raised from Kickstarter, we can now push forward to get you American Made Love Bottles by this Summer! We're really excited to share the love with you. If you would like to see our Kickstarter Project, then please click here!


We're so glad you asked. There's a ton of Great things happening at Love Bottle!  There's the new look of the bottle. 

We're really proud of the new message on the bottom of our bottles. Here's a great picture for you. Every time you take a sip, look to the bottom of your bottle. We promise it will make you feel the special :)

Then there's the new designs. Which one will you choose?


There's tons of good stuff going on at Love Bottle. For starters, every American Made Love Bottle that's sold in stores or on our website sends 5% of its profits to a well deserving non-profit group. We call it "Choose Your Bottle Choose Your Charity!" 

If that wasn't good enough, our new bottles are made from nearly twice as much recycled glass. That means these bottles are even better for our planet. Let's stop single use plastic bottles together!


Water is refreshing, delicious, and fuels the body. Staying hydrated allows us to perform at our peak; it allows us to thrive. Each time you take a sip with a Love Bottle, you're changing your relationship with water. The clean taste of glass, beautiful designs, and our special message to you all make Love Bottle the best drinking experience you can have. We look forward to bringing more love to you as the years go on. Thank you so much for your love and support!


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