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The New Love Bottle Lid

The New Love Bottle Lid

Swing into Style

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Moving to American Made lids gave us the opportunity to ask some important questions. We asked our customers, "what do you think about the Love Bottle lid?" Would you change the Love Bottle lid if you could? The resounding answer was no! Everyone loved the Love Bottle lid, so we decided to take our old lid, and improve on it. If you would like to order a new American Made Bottle, then head on over to our Kickstarter page. This is your first opportunity to purchase an American Made Love Bottle.  

We've partnered with 4 different partners to help make our new lids. There is a ceramic mold maker. This mold maker sends molds to a ceramic manufacturer, then our ceramic manufacturer takes these lids and pours stoneware (Our old lids were made of porcelain.) Stoneware is a much stronger form of ceramic, so you won't run into any chipped lids. While our ceramic lids are being created, new food grade silicone seals will be in production as well.  Once the ceramic and the silicone are completed, they are shipped to our wire former. The wire former bends stainless steel wire around our ceramic cap to create the swing-top mechanism that you know and love.  

Stoneware instead of porcelain for a stronger lid for your Love Bottle

New silicone pieces that create a stronger seal for your Love Bottle

Adjusted wire form makes it easy to open and close your Love Bottle 

The heart on the top of the lid has changed from our old heart to our new logo. The new logo represents water and love coming together.  

Be the first to receive a brand new Love Bottle and Love Bottle lid when you purchase through Kickstarter. We are trying to get funding for the move to American Manufacturing and we need your help! Thank you so much for your continued support. View Kickstarter Here>>>>>>>>

Much Love,

Love Bottle


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