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Author: Minna Yoo/Wednesday, February 11, 2015/Categories: Uncategorized

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Join us April 2nd, 2015 for the very first Love Bottle Kickstarter. From the  beginning, it has always been the dream to make Love Bottles here in the USA. A chance encounter led Love Bottle founder Minna Yoo to meet management at Owens Illinois (The largest glass manufacturer in the world). They loved the idea and passion behind Love Bottle and agreed to partner with us. 

Ever since that day, we have been working to create a bottle that spreads love and encourages healthy living. We can't do it on our own, we need your help! Back us in April and be a part of our American Made Story.  There are early bird packages available. You could be one of 500 people to receive a first round American Made Love Bottle. With your help, we will be able to spread Love Bottles all across the planet. 

If you're a long standing Love Bottle customer, we want to thank you for your support over the years. If you're just finding out about Love Bottle, then welcome to the family. We appreciate your support and can't do this without you! 


  • Expensive up front tooling charges for our lids, glass bottles and the wire that connects the lid to the bottle.
  • First initial major run of Love Bottles. The plan is to make 250,000 Love Bottles! 
  • Operation costs: Warehousing, shipping, and all add up quickly.


  • Slimmer silhouette fits in almost all cup holders for easy transportation
  • Brand New Designs by professional artists
  • A special message on the bottom of each bottle
  • A heart on the chest of each bottle


Update: September 2015

Our Kickstarter project was very successful and we are releasing our USA made bottles in October! Stay tuned for more news and check out the progress we've made here. You can also join our mailing list below to get updates on our new bottles and be the first to find out when they're available for purchase.


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