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Why I Love Love Bottle

Why I Love Love Bottle

Author: Stefanie Hackenberg/Monday, February 9, 2015/Categories: Uncategorized

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I first discovered Love Bottles in the Whole Foods of my former home town Middletown, NJ while shopping for water, and when I saw the display for sports bottles I recalled that my very health-conscious friend who warned against the ills of traditional plastic bottles had re-purposed a beautiful Eiffel Tower-shaped glass bottle as her carry-everywhere water bottle.  I thought "Wow these are even better!  Can't lose the lid and they're so clever & attractive!  I want one."  I'm the closest thing to a fairy you'll ever meet so the design of the Dream Big bottle really appealed to me.  I bought a couple other designs for my boyfriend to keep on his desk at home and at the office too -- he always has one with him.

By drinking out of my Love Bottle I get a continual hydration that doesn't have the weird aftertaste of some of the nozzle-topped stainless steel bottles; it's never languishing in the sink because with a bottle brush it's so easy to clean; it goes everywhere I go because it's the perfect shape & size for cupholders in my car, on my treadmill, and in the side-pocket on my laptop bag.  And it's so unique it's a great conversation piece!

But the greatest thing I get out of drinking from my Love Bottle, and the biggest appeal that inspired me to buy it and take it everywhere, is the message behind it.  


Love in all its myriad forms is what bonds people together.  Love is what makes us try harder for something.  Love is what makes us forgive difficult people on vehicle highways and information highways.  Love is what is inspiring the world to work together to solve our problems and co-create amazing things.  And something so basic as drinking water every day is a reminder to me to love myself -- what we love we take good care of.   :)

More specifically, the Dream Big bottle is meaningful to me because every time I reach for it it raises my consciousness to indeed "dream big!"  I left a long, successful IT career on Wall St. to start my own business as a Reiki Master Practitioner and I am determined to be successful at it.  I also joined the board of a non-profit startup called Studio Cosplay to do something that's never been done before:  open a makerspace for people like ourselves who love to make costumes and go to comic-cons.  Being an entrepreneur, as I'm sure you can relate, can be daunting -- getting your name out there, asking strangers for sponsorship or investment, sacrificing other parts of your life to devote your time to making your idea happen and grow, and a hundred other scary new endeavors are not exactly skills we're all born with.  But when we Dream Big, we don't settle for less, we don't waste energy on the negative "what-if's", we don't say "I can't," we do what it takes to make the impossible possible.  When someone says to me, "The world doesn't work that way," I say, "Then change the world!"

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