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Bottle Decorating Party!!!

Bottle Decorating Party!!!

Tons of fun with Friends of the Children

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Some of us were born with everything we could ever ask for. We grew up with loving parents, friends and siblings who are always there, and a household full of love. Not everyone has it so easy. Thankfully, there are wonderful organizations like The Friends of the Children that are here to spread love and kindness to kids who grew up in imperfect homes.

The Friends of the Children were kind enough to invite the Love Bottle crew over for a barbeque. Creating your own Love Bottle can be a very powerful process. We wanted these kids to have a bottle that made them feel good about who they were as individuals, so we brought a random assortment of Love Bottles, with no instructions, just the tools to create.  As the kids started finishing up lunch, they slowly migrated towards our table.  They grabbed their bottle of choice, paint pens, stickers, and labels, and started crafting their very own Love Bottle. 

It was amazing to watch. Everyone was so creative! Some kids made fun and inventive bottles. One boy was very proud of his robot bottle. Other kids decided to create bottles that were meaningful to them. They wrote words and drew pictures that inspired them. It was heart-warming to see their smiles while they created :)

They say it takes a village to raise a child. One non-profit embraces this motto like no other. The Friends of the Children are a nation-wide non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives. Each child in Friends of the Children is assigned a mentor (also known as a Friend). Friends are full time employees. Professionally trained to ensure the most growth for each child. They make a huge commitment to be a part of these kid’s lives, but the commitment seems to be worth it for the Friends. One of the Friends told us about the progress that he has seen from one of his mentees. “You watch them grow so much. I’ve watched him go from elementary school to high school. You just see so much growth and change.”

We would like to thank this wonderful organization for giving us the chance to spend one afternoon with these creative, and fun young spirits. If you would like to learn more about the Friends of the Children, please visit

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