Made in the USA

Love Bottle Final Cut-HD from Love Bottle on Vimeo.

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Since the beginning, Love Bottle dreamed of being made in the USA. However, like many small businesses just starting out, we had to begin manufacturing overseas because we could not meet the massive minimum orders required by US manufacturers.

In 2014, we decided to make the leap and go after our dream. Big changes can be scary, especially when they involve risk. But the most rewarding things in life usually require a whole lot of risk and a leap of faith.

Once a decision was made, a chance introduction was made between Love Bottle founder, Minna Yoo, and VP of Marketing at Owens-Illinois (O-I Glass). O-I is the largest glass manufacturer in the USA as well as the world. After hearing Minna’s vision and dream, O-I was excited to be a part of it. They too have a similar vision which they share in their Glass is Life campaign.

Since then, a wonderful partnership between Love Bottle and O-I has developed. Working with the award winning design team at O-I, Love Bottle created a new bottle from the ground up. “We created something really beautiful and iconic. We were able to bring in all of these elements that help carry our message of love to the world. “ Our highly anticipated new bottles will be available in October 2015. Our Kickstarter in April was highly successful in raising the funds we needed to embark on this journey to 100% USA-made bottles. We thank everyone who participated and contributed. 

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Bottles and Accessories

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