Love Yourself

A letter from our Founder

Dear You,


This bottle was made specifically to bring love and water together and to share it with you.

Love Bottle was born from our intention to create a beautiful, healthy, earth friendly, delicious vessel that came with love.

When you drink out of a Love Bottle, you aren’t drinking simply for survival, you are drinking with purpose; you are drinking with feeling and emotion. You are drinking with love. You are becoming part of a movement to love yourself, love your community, love your planet and love your voice.

Our new bottles carry a special message to everyone who drinks from them. When you take your next sip, look through the mouth of the bottle and read the message: U R Loved. Let it sink in. Remember that you are a special, amazing, and utterly unique human being. Thank you for being you and adding to the awesome variety of life in this world. And know that U (just as you are, in this moment) R Loved.

When you drink water while feeling loved, the water becomes something special. It becomes infused with love, and this love goes into every cell in your body. You become your own Bottle of Love and part of our Love Revolution <3

You rock, and I love you.
Minna Yoo
Founder, Love Bottle



U R Loved - Lyrics and Music by Matthew Price

We were very fortunate to work with singer and songwriter Matthew Price. After hearing about our new bottles and the message we wanted them to convey, he wrote this song for us. We love it and feel that it captures the essence of our bottles and our company.

Have I told you today, I can’t remember

Well just to be safe, I’m telling you once more

Cause I’ll never let you ever forget, no never forget

That you, oh you, oh you are loved.


Ooh, what one little drop can do

A little love makes the flowers bloom

A little wind can give love wings

Ooh, love changes everything

And you, oh you, oh you are loved


I see you’ve got your eyes on

Those dark clouds on the horizon

Don’t worry about what tomorrow may bring

Cause love changes everything

And you, oh you, oh you are loved, are loved

You, oh you, oh you are loved


Bottles and Accessories

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