Love Your Community

‚ÄčYou can't easily build a house with just one person. You need a team. When we work together amazing things can happen. Impossible feats can be achieved, and you come away feeling refreshed and renewed with the shared energy of community.

We are all here sharing this same moment in time. Technology has made the world much smaller and more connected. We are a global community and across this globe there are so many ways for us to be there for each other - to lend a helping hand. It isn't only the recipient who benefits. It feels good to be part of something good.

Love Bottle is passionate about being involved with both our local communities and our global community.
We donate 5% of each bottle sold to Global Water.

Global Water- Clean water for all

Getting clean water systems to communities who need them has always been a mission and a passion for Love Bottle. Clean water is a fundamental need and should be a human right. There are over 783 million people right now with no access to clean water.

Contaminated water is responsible for 9315 deaths a day. Children and infants make up the majority of this number.

Each and every day, 200 million hours of women and children’s time is consumed by collecting water. This robs them of the opportunity to go to school or to have an occupation or trade that can raise money for their families.

We partner with Global Water (link) to help create clean water systems in third world locations. This year our donations helped build a clean water station for a school in Guatemala. This station allows girls to attend school instead of spending their days carrying water.

Please join us in our mission and help make clean water a human right.


Bottles and Accessories

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